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A new life
The sky bursts out with flames
As the sun fills the blue with red
Reflections hold the deep blue frames
Of all the salt tears the sea has shed.
The sound echoing back from rock caves
As he crosses the field of sand
And the constantly reaching waves
Touch the new and foreign land.
They reach out for his shape, and touch
Then pull back, captivate but still free
Waves touching again, but before it's too much
They roll back into the sea.
His eyes are bound
His look is empty, blank as death
He wanders over sandy ground
And smells the salty sea's breath.
The warmth of the air turns into frost
His fists at his side turn into steel
As he begins to remember what he's lost
And as he begins to feel.
More painful than a stitch or broken bone
Something buried deep inside
Tells him he's alone
And tells him to give up the fight.
And when all the hope is lost
His look wanders around
His steps move on, no matter at which cost
His heart tells him to follow the sound.
A sound that's in his ear and rings
:icontwilight-princess17:Twilight-Princess17 0 0
For Christina
You can't live through sad days alone
You can't be emotionless, some sort of stone.
You can't go through it all
without someone to catch you when you fall.
You can't wake up from dreaming
Lost in nightmares, crying, screaming
Without someone to listen to your fears
To hold you, to dry your tears.
To drive through the night to be there,
To text you back, to show they care.
A helping hand, a warm embrace
The one to find your trace.
When you run around in circles, lost
The one to save you at any cost.
The person that makes you be yourself,
Where you don't have to pretend to be strong
And I have found the one. ♥
:icontwilight-princess17:Twilight-Princess17 0 1
The day is here, the time has come
To think about another way
To end the habit it has become
But I want to show you every freaking day.
That you are so dear to me
That you're beautiful, nice
Like only a best friend can be
And that I won't give you up for any price.
Because I just came to know again
With all your charme and grace
That, no matter what I can,
Nothing on this earth could ever take your place ♥.
:icontwilight-princess17:Twilight-Princess17 1 2
Point is reached, stop right here
It's pissing me off, this atmosphere!
Time to escape, sitting against a wall, curled
Time to wipe away the tears and say goodbye to the world!
Earplugs in, music on, really loud
What were my tears about??
Rythm catches up to my heartbeat
The lyrics' meaning bittersweet.
Yup, I've made it, how so??
Why can I suddenly let go??
I think that I really did it this time
My life gives me sugar instead of a lime!
The beat goes faster, I start to sing
When my song's interrupted by a ring.
My phone vibrates in my hand, shakes
The song stops, the music breaks.
For a minute, it carried me away
But now, reality forces me to stay.
I can'T let go, enough with the fame
Because the caller's ID says his name...
:icontwilight-princess17:Twilight-Princess17 1 2
Believe it or not, a life has its joys
But they're definitely not boys!!
They jump around, they flirt a bit
But they don't really give a shit.
Other side, to be true
There's many more stuff to do
You stand up (and believe me, you can)
Because it's not worth another man.
To cheer up, to build the bricks
You can only choose chicks over dicks!
But, to be true and I really try
It's not worth all the worry and cry.
Because no matter if you think you cannot cope
You can't give up on the hope!
It's what fills your soul and heart
It's what keeps you from falling apart.
It's what changes the heartache
Into a new feeling that can never break
It's what makes you laugh and sing
It's what you, sweetie, bring.
And most of all, to be true
It's what I want to give to you.
Because, of all the people that walk this earth:
For me, you're the one, and you deserve.
:icontwilight-princess17:Twilight-Princess17 0 0
Stronger than you
Cut the grin and do the same with the frown
I don't care about your cruel way
It takes much more to bring me down
Much more to do, much more to say.
Stop the cheating and living a lie
You're not going to win
I won't let you see me cry
I will send flames across your skin.
My task, to break your indestructable power
I will watch your tearfilled eye
I will squish your delicate flower
And be on your mind until you die.
You won't make me give in, give up
You want break my strongest will.
You can save energy and just stop
Or you can try until the world stands still.
But now, enough with the lies and the game
I will tell you something that is true.
You can try to hurt me, all the same
But I'll always be stronger than you.
:icontwilight-princess17:Twilight-Princess17 1 0
For Sandra_
I know how he is always trying
To ignore that you're sometimes crying,
Due to how he always is a mystery
And you feel like the truth is something that you'll never see.
And then again, there is the 'cow'
That would like to call him her own
But she doesn't know how
Because true love is something she's never known.
I know it's hard and so unfair
But through it all, I will be there
And I promise to you, you will always hold my hand
And he'll stay with you... in the end :)
:icontwilight-princess17:Twilight-Princess17 0 1
Back where I started
It hurts to see
That I am broken inside
So severely
That it effects others around me.
Why can't I be normal?!
Oh right, because
I seem to be attracted
To the meanest guys.
Whenever I want to start over
Or hang on to something else
You appear and cut through the thread
That I choose.
Falling down,
Face to the ground
The loudest cry, the saddest tears
Familiar sound.
Now I know.
It's me.
I can't be loved.
I'm not worth it.
I try, really
To let go, I try so hard
But then it all shadders
And I'm back at the start.
:icontwilight-princess17:Twilight-Princess17 1 0
Only yours
... I'd die to hear your voice again
Whispering my name
These three words
Only yours.
I'd take the most excruciating pain
To feel your lips again
Pressed against mine
Only yours.
I'd endure whatever you want
To feel your breath again
Brushing against my skin
Only yours.
I'd go through it all again
To feel the warmth of your body
The comfort. The love.
Only yours.
I'd cry tears of acid
To see that look again
In your eyes, your beautiful blue eyes
Only yours.
I'd let go of everything
To feel your arms again
Wrapped around me tight.
Only yours.
I'd run away with you, if that's what you want
To feel your fingers again
Softly stroking my hair
Only yours.
I'd forget my name
To feel your face again.
Against my cheek.
Only yours.
I'd kill
To hear your laugh again
Like the sweetest melody in my ear
Only yours.
And I hope that you know
That I am only yours.
:icontwilight-princess17:Twilight-Princess17 2 7
Always there
If I had a wish right now
I'd try to make your dream come true
- no matter how.
If I could ´change the way it is
I'd try to get you what you want
No matter what I'd miss.
But I can't change the world right now
I can't ask for the greatest vow.
But I can promise
Through all the pain and despair
I'll be there.
I can promise
Through all the waiting, hoping for a sign, I swear
I'll be there. To show you that I care.
I can promise
Through all the sadness and the tears, this I can say
I'll be there. To wipe them away.
For you ♥
:icontwilight-princess17:Twilight-Princess17 1 3
I never expected...
to see you walk away from me
But not before you kicked
And punched me in my face.
I never expected...
to be punsihed for telling the truth
If you thought I am fake
You didn't know the real me.
I never expected....
To shed a million tears
Because you turn away
And destroy my hope completely.
I never expected...
That you could be so heartless.
Without compassion
Without love
Without friendship
Without faith
Thanks for the surprise...
:icontwilight-princess17:Twilight-Princess17 1 0
Those lines_For Christina
Those lines are just a small part
Of what I feel for you.
What I could list about our friendship
Your beautiful soul.
And about how much I'm afraid of losing you.
I feel like I can never get rid of it.
Those lines are just a small part...
of what I want to give to you.
Now and in future times.
I know it doesn't take money
Or just a few rhymes.
Material goods can fall apart
But these lines come from the bottom of my heart.
Those lines are just a small part
Of what I owe you.
And I can't express
How greatful I am to know you.
I haven't always been fair
But believe me- I tried to be there.
It's so hard to be selfless
When you've lost the things
That you needed the most.
It's so hard to share
When you feel like you're thirsty
And all you have left is a tear drop.
I feel like the meanest person in the world
And I cry right now, writing this
Because I realize what you had to endure
All these years.
I feel guilty for all the pain I've put you through
For all the tears you had to shed.
When I'
:icontwilight-princess17:Twilight-Princess17 1 11
Still here
Even though the pain is inside of me
After all those years.
Even though it's still burning inside
I'm still here.
Even though I sometimes felt
You know, like I had to run away
Even though I wanted to
I'm still here.
Even though I knew you
Ripped my heart apart.
Even though it still is today
I'm still here.... even though you didn't ask me to stay.
Even though I cry everyday
To feel again
Even though I only feel sorry for myself
I'm still here.
Even though you pushed me away
From everything I had at that time.
Even though I failed to hold on to what I have now
I'm still here.
Even though I can't see a reason
For all this pain and despair
Even though I'll break down someday
I'm still here.
:icontwilight-princess17:Twilight-Princess17 2 3
How do you stop...
Doing something that is necessary?
How do you forget...
Something that has been burned into your skin
And that is tied to your heart?
How do you let go...
of something that you love more than your life?
How do you suppress...
feelings that you need to know you're still alive?
How do you hide...
The pain that has become a part of you?
How do you live...
When you know that you've lost everything
That was worth living for.
:icontwilight-princess17:Twilight-Princess17 0 0
Now you do...
Now.... that I gave it up
You pull me closer to you
You whisper those words.
Now.... that I ignored my feelings
And tried to live without them
You hold my face and smile.
Now... that I cried a thousand tears
You look me in the eye
And then you kiss me.
Now... that you leave
You want to be with me.
And you tell me.
Now... that you've lied to me several times
You admit it.
You show your feelings.
NOW you do....
:icontwilight-princess17:Twilight-Princess17 0 0
Do something
Call me just to tell me you hate me now
I feel like you left me out here in the desert.
Everything around me is dead.
Just like our love.
And I'd rather have you here
To have you close, to have you near
No matter if you want to fight
I'll surrender. I'll give up on everything.
To enjoy the moment
You finally look at me again.
Please say that I hurt you.
And you're not sorry about hurting me.
Tell me that I'm the meanest person
You ever met
And that you don't want to have me back
But that you'll never forget.
'If you only knew
That you were the only reason
For all the mean things I did.
You would forgive.
If you knew
That I love you more than anything else.
If you could feel it, just for a minute
You would forgive.
But please- if you leave,
Scream at me, hit my face
Push me back, keep yelling
Throw me away, hurt me.
Do something.
Because I can't take this emptyness.
This silence. The cold.
I'll die through it.
Please.... do something.
:icontwilight-princess17:Twilight-Princess17 0 0


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